Volunteer with horses at Out in Africa Encounters.
Placements: 2 weeks to 6 weeks at a time

As a volunteer, you will be working on Legend Golf & Safari Resort which is one of the world’s most renowned resorts.

This unique leisure destination in the Waterberg region in South Africa welcomes all travellers, whether it be for a holiday getaway, business trip, golf or safari experience. Therefore we have based our horse safaris on this breathtaking resort, where we also conduct our 8 day safari packages on Entabeni Private Nature reserve, which shares a greater system with the resort. It is also home to the Big 5.

Out in Africa Encounters also offers rides on the resort, where guests can ride with non dangerous game.

This wonderful luxury destinations will will be home to volunteers throughout their stay and will inspire all those who visit with its picture perfect scenery, majestic architectural designs for an experience of a lifetime.

Volunteer accommodation is by the horses. Rooms are shared with same sex, unless previously requested.
Our volunteers assist with the day to day running of the business, which will include day rides with guests, training of horses and the caring for them.

Volunteer with horses at Out in Africa Encounters

Morning ride on resort

Volunteer with horses at Out in Africa Encounters

Wildebeest at the resort

The daily schedule will be varied and adapted depending on the schedule. Help with the 8 day safari packages may be expected, and will involve riding or transferring horses to the upper escarpment, moving them, and caring for them while on safari. Taking part in the safari is not always guaranteed, although time to time we do ask volunteers to take part in rides on the reserve with you’re horses which are still int raining.

We only take a maximum of two volunteers at a time.
Riding and horsemanship skills are necessary to take part as a volunteer.
Cost for meals will be covered by the volunteer, whereas accommodation is provided at a cost.
Please respond to the following questions to apply for the experience:

  1. How many years have you been riding
  2. Do you own a horse
  3. Type or riding
  4. Age and weight
  5. Any health issues we should be aware of?
  6. Any additional information which might help us assess your horsemanship sills